Labomed Academy


To guarantee a perfect hands on traininginprocedures for doctors to increase


their skills, the trainer microscope is indispensable. But more & more


we also come across the idea that companies want to show 


their products inan active way. They create the 


possibility for hands on work shops. The


trainer microscope  can be very useful


for these purposes also.













Labomed offers the possibility


to rent the trainer microscope for a limited


time. The trainer microscope is compact and easy


to transport and to build up. The quality of the microscope


is like the one used in practices. The illumination is powerful &


can be adjusted in intention, the lenses are exactly as used in the medical


line of microscopes. An ergo head guarantees an ergonomic position for the user.




For price inquiries and other information please contact our export team at or call us at +31 (0)10 45 842 22