WiFi Color CMOS Camera, 5Mpixel, screen
WiFi Color CMOS Camera, 5Mpixel, screen
5Mpixel High resolution screen software in the camera no PC needed





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 All in one C-mount camera (HDMI, WiFi, SD card) with high sensitive and ultra high performance Sony CMOS sensor.

Simultaneous HDMI and WiFi output. Mouse control through USB connection. Built in image capture and video record through SD card. On screen camera control panel by mouse. On screen toolbar with zoom, mirror imaging, freeze, cross and browser functions.

Ultra fine colour engine with perfect colour reproduction capability. Support standard SDK for Windows/Mac/Linux (USB).

HDMI and WiFi are used to transfer the data to either a HDMI display (screen) or to a computer.

For HDMI output: the camera control panel and toolbar are displayed on the HDMI screen, in this case the USB connected mouse can be used to set the camera and control it.

For WiFi output: plug the WiFi adapter in the USB port of the camera. Connect the computer (smartphone or tablet) to the camera and open the BMS_Pix3 App. The camera can now be controlled by the computer via the on screen display


Technical specs:


Basic Performance


Sensor and size


1080P Sony CMOS 1/ 2,8”


Pixel (in ?m)


2,8 x 2,8


Frames per second


60 @ 1920 x 1080 (510 mV with 1/30s)


30 @ 1920 x 1080 (0,15 mV with 1/30s)






Interface & Button Functions




USB camera or USB mouse




HDMI output


DC 12V


12V power in




SD card slot




Power on / off switch




Power on (blue) and power off (red)






Specifications for HDMI output


UI operation


With USB mouse


Image capture


High speed in SD card


Video record


1030P 30 fps in SD card


Camera control panel


Exposure, gain, white balance, colour adjustment, sharpness and denoising control,




Zoom, mirror, comparison, freeze, cross, browser function






Specifications for USB output


White Balance


Auto white balance


Colour technique


Ultra fine colour engine (USB)


Capture/control API


Standard UVC for Window/Mac (USB)/Linux


Recording system


Still picture or Movie (USB)






Software environment (for USB 2.0 connection)


Operating system


Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit) Mac Osx, Linux


PC requirements


CPU: equal to Intel Core 2 2,8 GHz or higher


Memory: 4GB or more


USB 2.0 high speed port


Display 19”or larger








Operating environment


Operating temperature in ºC


-10 to 50


Operating humidity in %RH


30 - 80


Power supply


DC 12V/2A adaptor










Blue cast and black sides


Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm


78 x 70 x 92


Weight in g














HDMI camera screen with high definition display. The Panasonic IPS LCD panel (Super TFT) guarantees a wide view and a crystal clear and high contrast image. 1080P screen with LED backlight and a 11,6 inch active area.




Technical specs:


Basic Performance


LCD panel


Panasonic IPS LCD Screen (Super TFT)


Input video format






1920 x 1080


Display type


16:9 Ratio 11,6 inch active matrix super TFT LCD


Typical contrast ratio






16.7 million


Viewing angle


IPS Full view


Active display area


258 mm (W) x 145 mm (H)


Pixel pitch


0,134 cd/sq m




LED Backlight












Dimension (L x H x W) in mm


281,0 x 179,0 x 15,6


Weight in g








Operating environment


Operating Temperature in ºC


-15 to 55


Humidity, non condensing in %




Power supply


AC 110 – 220 V / DC 12V (1A)


Power consumption


Max. 12 Watt










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