Canon BR-E1 Remote Canon BR-E1 Remote
Canon BR-E1 Remote Canon BR-E1 Remote
Canon BR-E1 Remote
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A reliable, easy-to-use remote control for Bluetooth-compatible EOS cameras, ideal for long exposures and macro photography





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  • Simple remote camera control
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Wireless movie shooting
Capture photos and videos from a distance, without being near your camera. This easy-to-use remote control features to capture, AF-start and zoom controls that can be located by touch alone, so you can keep your eyes on the composition. Bluetooth connectivity operates up to 5 m in any direction for reliable performance from a distance.
  • EOS R
  • EOS RP
  • EOS Ra
  • EOS 6D Mark II
  • EOS 77D
  • EOS 800D
  • EOS 200D
  • EOS M200
  • EOS M50

Pairing the BR-E1 with your EOS M200 or M50 camera

Bluetoothremotebre1setup001Step 1

Press the MENU button and navigate to the SETUP tabs. Select 'Wireless communication settings' (usually in SETUP1 menu, but varies by the camera), then press SET.

Bluetoothremotebre1setup002Step 2

Scroll down to 'Bluetooth function' and press SET. On the Bluetooth function screen, select 'Bluetooth function' again and press SET.

Bluetoothremotebre1setup004Step 3

Next, select 'Remote' on the Bluetooth function screen. A message will appear which says that other remotes cannot be used. Press SET to confirm.

Bluetoothremotebre1setup006Step 4

Once the remote function has been selected, scroll down to 'Pairing'. Press SET. A message should now appear that says 'Pairing in progress. Start pairing on the Wireless Remote'.

RemotecontrollerBRE1FRTStep 5

Now, hold down the 'W' and 'T' buttons on the BR-E1 simultaneously for at least three (3) seconds. The camera and remote need to be in close proximity of one another.

Bluetoothremotebre1setup009That's it – you're done!

When successful, you'll see a 'Paired with' message, confirming that you've paired the camera and remote.

Finish the set-up

Now choose the desired release method on your BR-E1 remote – there's a slider switch on the side of the BR-E1 with three options: '•' solid circle for immediate release, '2' for two-second delay, or a video camera icon for movie mode.

Using the BR-E1 remote

The functionality of the remote is straightforward. You can focus and you can release the camera shutter from up to five metres away. These operations are performed by two buttons – one smaller button for autofocus, marked 'AF', and the second larger button for releasing the camera shutter.

When recording video, pressing the shutter button once will start the recording; pressing it again will stop the recording.

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