Endo camera USB3, with HDMI and external screen
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Endo camera USB3, with HDMI and external screen





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Full HD waterproof Endoscopy camera with own screen for standalone-use (excluding endoscope and light source).

The Endoscopy camera delivers an extremely clear and sharp image in full HD standard. The camera has built-in image processing technology to ensure your sharp and true colour image. The camera is connected to its own display with the option to take images and start/stop video recording. Also has the screen Full HD HDMI output for external screen connection. Easy to use for ENT and GN applications.

Display your HD endoscopic image directly on big monitor, and carry out immediately for outpatient, bedside examination, clinical surgery and mobile medicine.


High-definition imaging,
with fine picture

High performance sensor and excellent image processing method can effectively eliminate the moire phenomenon and make the picture clear.


To show HD image direct
on regular monitor

Just simply connect the display unit to monitor by HDMI cable.



Waterproof design,
worry free for sterilization

IPX8 waterproof, support routine sterilization operation (soaking, low temperature plasma and glutaraldehyde).


Easy carry

High quality suitcase allows you to carry out the entire endoscopic camera system for outpatient, bedside inspection or emergency treatment.




It can be used with miniature LED light source 
or with bigger cold light source



48 watt;

Easy to load and unload


Detachable SD card, support 128GB of picture & video.




HDMI output, for direct connection with regular monitor

Power input: AC100-240V,50/60HZ

Power output: 12V±0.5%, 5.42A, 65W


Screen size: 3.5”

Resolution: 1280x720

Camera weight: 250g

HD image sensor (1920x1080, 60fps)

HD image output

Camera head soakable



•    Full HD, 1920 x 1080p, 
•    CMOS image sensor
•    Easy one-hand operation on device, 3 buttons for photo, video and LED on/off
•    Display system 1280 x 720p
•    Micro SD card reader and SD card for the capture of photo and video files
•    Included LED directly connected to the camera
•    Included optical adapter F22, replaceable 
•    Extra-long cable of 3 meter
•    C-Mount optical interface for connection of your endo-adapter of C-mount optics
•    Waterproof (camera only)
•    Including software for W10 and OS on USB stick
•    Digital zoom through software
•    Endo LED Light source, 2 Watt, 282,000 lux
•    With power cable 90~230V, 50/60Hz
•    Sterilization: IPX7
•    Dimensions head: 33 x 35 x 83mm

Software for Windows
Software for MAC

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