Camera HDMI, full HD, USB mouse, SD
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Video (1920x1080) and image capture to SD card






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Full HD HDMI camera

Through standard HDMI interface to stream the video to displayer or HDTV. Easy connecting to other equipment with the C-mount optical interface.
High-resolution and high frame rate, perfect colour reproduction, highly integrated and compact, low failure rate and stable performance.
60 frames at 1920 x 1080 resolution to match the current high-definition displayer on the market.
The camera characteristic can be controlled by the mouse.
For the above characteristic and technical features, which utmost meet various applications and widely apply to industrial inspection, education and research, materials analysis, precision measurement, medical analyses etc.
  • Video Saving format:2M (1920x1080) H264 encoded MP4 file
  • Video saving frame rate:50~60fps (related with SD card performance)
  • Image Capture: 2M (1920x1080) JPEG image in SD card
  Sensor & Size(mm) Pixel(um) G Responsivity
Dynamic range
FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure


Sony IMX307(C)
2.9x2.9 1300mv with 1/30s 60@1920*1080(HDMI)  



0.01~1000 ms


Shipping Weight


0.47 kg (0.55lbs)


Operating Temperature


-10 °C ~ 50 °C


Storage Temperature


-20 °C ~ 60 °C


Operating Humidity


30~80% RH


Storage Humidity


10~60% RH


Power Supply


DC 12 V/1 A Power Adapter




C-mount Lens






Memory Card


SD Card




USB Mouse


Function Key Description

  The camera light indicator flashes about 15 s after the power on. The camera will load software, and then the system begins to work. Auto exposure and white balance are the default state now.
  • HDMI: The HDMI output port connected to the HDMI display;
  • USB: USB mouse;
  • DC: 12 V/1 A;
  • LED: The blue LED indicator;
  • SD: SD card slot;

Move the mouse to the bottom of the HDMI displayer, the bottom toolbar will be available.

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