3D Prima kit, DBSi based
3D Prima kit, DBSi based
3D Prima kit, DBSi based
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3D Prima kit





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3D Prima kit, DBSi based

Transform your current Prima microscope into a full 3D system.
All needed parts are encluded to make from your Prima microscope a full 3D system.
  • double been splitter (compatible with Carl Zeiss, Atmos and Zumax)
  • 2x video camera adapter with prism rotator
  • 2x Sony video camera
  • 1x full HD HMDI video processer kit with double output and trigger option
  • 1x full HD HDMI 3D video grabber with hard disc for about 6 hours
  • 1x set of special cables
To show the 3D images you still need a 3D beamer, 3D TV or VR-glasses

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